Heritage Listening @ Black Contemporary
LI No. E02016.04-0017
An installation in a dormant seed dryer located near Ames, IA
BUOY - Iowa Lakeside Lab
LI No. X02015.06-0014
Sonification of sensor data collected from the Lakeside Lab research buoy located in West Lake Okaboji in northwest Iowa.
Noisolation Headphones
LI No. W02011.01-0008
An invention for mechanically transforming the relationship between a person and the noise that immediately surrounds them.
Listening at the Intersection of Nature & Community - Junction Dam
LI No. E02015.01-0009
An installation in Bogong Village's Junction Dam exploring the impact of man on the natural environment of the Alpine National Park. Bogong Centre for Sound Culture. Victoria, Australia.
From Memory
LI No. X02014.10-0004
A data-driven live performance as part of Grin City Culture Lab's theatrical production Journey to the Sun
Alert Fatigue
LI No. W02013.10-0027
An installation using circuit-bent smoke alarms to explore the soundscape we design through the introduciton of sonnic alerts and the increasing tendency to ignore them.
Listening Walk - Mt Beauty
Victoria, Australia
LI No. W02015.01-0008
This listening walk was part of my time as the artist in residence at the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture and featured use of the modified headphones.
Bureau of
Infrastructure Tourism
LI No. P02014.04-0011
Providing listening tours of infrastructure noise and acousically rich non-spaces in the built environment.
Noise is Fiction
LI No. W02014.07-00105
An art workshop with Iowa high school students as part of an Iowa State Art & Design Camp
Sonic Fiction & Sonic Forms
LI No. W02014.06-00016
An art workshop with Iowa middle school students as part of an Iowa State Art & Design Camp
Listening Instruments
Invention Workshop
LI No. W02014.04-00003
A workshop devoted to active listening and design intervention experimentation
Synesthetic Din Rail
LI No. V02011.04-0010
A trolly system invented to allow a mobile device to perform visual information from the environment by manipulating a series of noise compositions.
Interacting with Sound - Student Podcast
LI No. R02013.10-0132
Each episode of this semester long podcast is created by students as part of the Interacting with Sound course as a way to have a dialog about sound, memory and meaning.
See Also Noise
LI No. C02011.03-0054
A cassette containing a collection of tracks composed entirely using found noises from various urban environments. Developed as part of the early research process, each of the six tracks is an audio exploration of a synonym for the word "Noise."
Synesthetic Din [App]
LI No. V02010.11-0037
An experiment in releasing an album as an app. The individual sounds have been composed from found noises in the urban environment. The composition of the sounds is determined by information read in using the device camera.
LEAPstrument Zero1
LI No. V02013.02-0057
An exploration of the Leap Motion interface as instrument.
LI No. L02011.03-0021
A system invented to pose the question, what if a community's listenable proximity to noise changed to GPS scale?
Listening Instruments Workshop & Sound Walk
LI No. E02011.07-0003
A hands-on, making lab that provides participants the opportunity to develop physical devices that create new listening experiences.
Performing the City
LI No. L02011.01-0014
A GPS controlled audio performance system using a mobile app that I developed [GEOsc for Android], this experiment uses the act of driving to control the performance of compositions using traffic noise as the material.
Synesthetic Record
Noise + The Body
LI No. C-V02011.02-0005
A collaborative performance between Daniel Lara & Alex Braidwood that explores the relationship of noise and the body through the visual analysis of the act of painting.
The :) :) :| :) Quartet
Noise + Happiness
LI No. C-V02010.11-0003
A collaborative performance by Haejin Lee & Alex Braidwood exploring the performative qualities of happiness and noise through the orchestration of facial expressions.
Based on a True Story
A Mobile Noise Collection Prototype
LI No. L02010.12-0117
A real-space sampling, real-time performing noise collection experiment based on the importance of context when discussing noise as a category of sound.
Mobile Color Sound Control
LI No. V02010.11-0013
An early experiment using color data sampled from a mobile device camera to control sound. This was accomplished through the use of OSC messages sent over a network to a waiting Max/MSP patch.
Noise Collection - ACCD Library
LI No. L02010.10-0032
An experiment based on the importance of context inspired by the question "what is noise?"
Noise Collection - (BUR)
LI No. L02010.10-0044
An experiment based on the importance of context inspired by the question "what is noise?" this time in the area surrounding an airport's flight path.
Traveling Footage as Score
LI No. V02010.11-0018
This investigation is a system developed to use digital video footage as a score through the use of image analysis as a controller of a digital instrument.
Touch Noise [001]
LI No. T02010.10-0001
An investigation into the use of a networked mobile device as a touch-based controller for noise manipulation.