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LI No. C-M02013.03-0009
503 01
A mr. & mrs. formalplay collaboration video.

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LI No. V02013.02-0057
LEAPstrument Zero1
An exploration of the Leap Motion interface as instrument.

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LI No. C-V02012.10-0012
Flourish - From Kansas City at Kansas City SoundWalk
A mr. & mrs. formalplay collaborative audio + visual locally researched performance.

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LI No. W02013.10-0027
Alert Fatigue
An installation exploring the soundscape that we design through the introduciton of sonnic alerts and the increasing tendency for ignoring them.

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LI No. W02011.01-0008
Noisolation Headphones
An invention for mechanically transforming the relationship between a person and the noise that immediately surrounds them.

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LI No. V02011.04-0010
Synesthetic Din Rail
A trolly system invented to allow a mobile device to perform visual information from the environment by manipulating a series of noise compositions.

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LI No. W02014.07-00105
Noise is Fiction
An art workshop with Iowa high school students as part of an Iowa State Art & Design Camp

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LI No. C-M02013.03-0009
503 01
A mr. & mrs. formalplay collaboration video.

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LI No. C02011.03-0054
See Also Noise
A cassette containing a collection of tracks composed entirely using found noises from various urban environments. Developed as part of the early research process, each of the six tracks is an audio exploration of a synonym for the word "Noise."

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LI No. V02010.11-0037
Synesthetic Din [App]
An experiment in releasing an album as an app. The individual sounds have been composed from found noises in the urban environment. The composition of the sounds is determined by information read in using the device camera.

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LI No. C-V02012.10-0012
Flourish - From Kansas City at Kansas City SoundWalk
A mr. & mrs. formalplay collaborative audio + visual locally researched performance.

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LI No. C-V02011.10-0007
A Mr. & Mrs. Formalplay collaborative audio + visual performance.

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LI No. V02013.02-0057
LEAPstrument Zero1
An exploration of the Leap Motion interface as instrument.

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LI No. L02011.03-0021
A system invented to pose the question, what if a community's listenable proximity to noise changed to GPS scale?

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LI No. E02011.07-0003
Listening Instruments Workshop & Sound Walk
A hands-on, making lab that provides participants the opportunity to develop physical devices that create new listening experiences.

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LI No. L02011.01-0014
Performing the City - Pasadena, CA
A GPS controlled audio performance system using a mobile app that I developed [GEOsc for Android], this experiment uses the act of driving to control the performance of compositions using traffic noise as the material.

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LI No. C-V02011.02-0005
Synesthetic Record
Noise + The Body
A collaborative performance between Daniel Lara & Alex Braidwood that explores the relationship of noise and the body through the visual analysis of the act of painting.

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LI No. C-V02010.11-0003
The :) :) :| :) Quartet
Noise + Happiness
A collaborative performance by Haejin Lee & Alex Braidwood exploring the performative qualities of happiness and noise through the orchestration of facial expressions.

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LI No. C-V02011.01-0021
Impalpable Descriptivism
Noise + Writing
A collaborative reactive audio sculpture that merges text messaging, a fax machine and audience prompts for the development of an audio composition. Created in collaboration between Julianne Weiss & Alex Braidwood.

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LI No. L02010.12-0117
Based on a True Story
A Mobile Noise Collection Prototype
A real-space sampling, real-time performing noise collection experiment based on the importance of context when discussing noise as a category of sound.

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LI No. V02010.11-0013
Mobile Color Sound Control
An early experiment using color data sampled from a mobile device camera to control sound. This was accomplished through the use of OSC messages sent over a network to a waiting Max/MSP patch.

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LI No. L02010.10-0032
Noise Collection - ACCD Library
An experiment based on the importance of context inspired by the question "what is noise?"

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LI No. L02010.10-0044
Noise Collection - (BUR)
An experiment based on the importance of context inspired by the question "what is noise?" this time in the area surrounding an airport's flight path.

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LI No. V02010.11-0018
Traveling Footage as Score
This investigation is a system developed to use digital video footage as a score through the use of image analysis as a controller of a digital instrument.

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LI No. T02010.10-0001
Touch Noise [001]
An investigation into the use of a networked mobile device as a touch-based controller for noise manipulation.

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LI No. A02010.12-0017
Exploration Through the Transformation of Noise
LI No. A02010.12-0011
Toward Explorations of Noise
LI No. A02010.11-0022
Lit Review 11/2010
LI No. A02010.11-0007
I’m not trying to shatter the Earth.
I’m just trying to frame my world.
LI No. A02010.10-0037
Based on a True Story.
LI No. A02010.10-0024
Sonic Fiction
LI No. A02010.09-0027
Shouting at Loud Teenagers to "Knock off all that Racket!"
LI No. A02010.09-0019
Scribble, Scribble, Erase
LI No. A02010.09-0013
Alert Soundscape
LI No. A02010.04-0002
Designing User Experiences as Open Systems
LI No. T02011.12-00003
Noise Foraging [App]
Noise Foraging records a certain length of sound at a defined interval to create audio snapshots of sonic environment.

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LI No. T02011.04-00012
Noise Forager [App]
An Android app for the collection and cataloging of noise based on location.

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LI No. T02010.11-0023
OSColor [App]
An Android app for the transformation of color data into sound control.

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LI No. T02010.12-0007
GEOsc [App]
An Android app for the transformation of location data into sound control.

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Posts from Bedlam
a noisy confused place or situation
From Memory: A Performative Exploration of Sonifying Solar Wind Data Lake Superior – Grand Island Lakeshore – Stone Quary Cabin Bureau of Infrastructure Tourism Listening Tour Bureau of Infrastructure Tourism – Public Transport and Communication 001 Bureau of Infrastructure Tourism – Transport and Removal 001 Bureau of Infrastructure Tourism – Listening Site Scouting Nature sounds – NoiseScape: Yellowstone – Artist Paint Pots End Transmission @ Tiger Strikes Asteroid Alert Fatigue – process Temporary listening at the making of a Tibetan sand mandala Compositional destruction & different awareness of objects NoiseScape [prototype] Discovering my own totem sounds – fire Grin City Soundscape Performance 2 Performance Excerpt – Live @ Relish in Grinnell, IA Sometimes it just feels good to make some fu©king noise Sounding at Relish – Grinnell, IA Listening on the Farm – thunder in the farmhouse Listening to the Farm – Drips, Pens & Tills Listening to the Wind on the Farm Listening on the Farm – high winds & loose roof panels Nature Sound Workshop 2013 – Seattle, WA Diagnostic Listening Audium: A theater of sound-sculpted space Noise to keep us safe Listening Instruments Invention Workshop Listening Instruments Invention Workshop – photos Listening Instruments Workshop Booklet Listening at the Hardware Store Anti-cancellation 503 01 – mr & mrs formalplay collaboration Listening Instruments workshop – warning Warning – Safety Headphone Danger Zone Sonic fictions from powered mobility LEAPstrument Zero1 Hunting vs Foraging Active Listening in the Urban Soundscape Listening in the Megacity Kansas City SoundWalk Research & Performance Documentation Listening to the Unwanted, Broadcast from the Desirable Infrastructural Radiations 02013-002-0073 The Listening City – Reports from the Noise Camera Dead rat making – Listening at the fabric store Rapport de la Volière Mécanique Dem Noises – Infrastructural Intersections Listening at the Intersection of Infrastructure Écoutant Instruments pour l’écoute Rapport de la route électrique – 02013-01.0001 Noise Box Rapport de la Volière Mécanique: 02012-04.0002 Carte Voliére Mécanique Rapport de la Volière Mécanique: 02012-04.0001 Carte Voliére Mécanique Carte Voliére Mécanique Rapport de la Volière Mécanique: 02012-04.0001 Mysterious Hums – Collective Listening Carte Voliére Mécanique Rapport de la Volière Mécanique: 02012-03.0002 – Visée #02 Carte Voliére Mécanique Listening to Mysterious Hums Carte Voliére Mécanique Rapport de la Volière Mécanique: 02012-02.0022 – Visée #07 Carte Voliére Mécanique Rapport de la Volière Mécanique: 02012-02.0022 – Visée #04 Carte Voliére Mécanique Rapport de la Volière Mécanique: 02012-02.0022 Sighting #01 Panel – Visualizing the Invisible: The Art of Sound Carte Voliére Mécanique Hum Listener Rapport de la Volière Mécanique: 02012-02.0015 Sighting #09 Carte Volière Mécanique Listening to LA on KTLA (the weirdo on the corner) Visualizing Audio – Commotion – Noise Collage Test 018 Visualizing Audio – Commotion – Noise Collage Test 011 Report from the Aviary: 02012-02.0015 – Sighting #03 Mysterious Hum: DETINU 6425 Mysterious Hum: Subterranean Descent Persistent Hum: Grammy Patrol Mysterious Hum: 6th Bridge – On & Over Noisolation Headphones on So Cal Public Radio 89.3 KPCC City Sonic – by KPCC Noise Collection Organizational Measure Wander-listen Listening Up: Neighborhood Tumult Meter Happy New Ear New York: Critical Information That time I wore those things and ʍɐs ʇɐɥʇ ɟɟnʇs Asynchronous Collective Residue Thinking about the Walkman® – Shared Listening Experiences Thinking about Magnetic Tape – Musical Instruments Simulacra-tecture I’m not a Musician Thinking about Mysterious Hums – The Importance of a Source These aren’t your Grandparents’ Orange Groves Noise? Some Ramblings about Discovery & Inspiration Listening in Las Vegas
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Dec 29, 2014 - Jan 11, 2015
Bogong Centre for Sound Culture Artist in Residency
I have been selected to be an artist in residence for two weeks in Bogong Village situated in the Australian Alpine National Park. During this time, I will be working on my project Listening at the Interaction of Nature and Community. Hear more

November 7, 2104
iDMAa 2014
I will be presenting my student's Eff'd Up Things as part of the Digital Media Pedagogy Workshop.

October 4, 2014
From Memory Live Performance
From Memory was a liver performance as part of the Grin City Culture Lab theatrical event Journey to the Sun.

June 24, 2014
Noise is Fiction @ ISU
Noise is Fiction was a week-long sound art workshop created to give high school students a college-like experience. Hear more

June 13, 2014
Sonic Fiction Workshop @ ISU
Sonic Fiction was a three day interactive sound workshop created for middle and high school students.

April 24-27, 2014
Art Vacancy
The Bureau of Infrastructure Tourism provided it's inaugural listening tours of non-spaces throughout the city of Ames.

January 1, 2014
DSM Social Club New Years Bash
Site specific Des Moines Noise (Dem Noises) installation.

November 8, 2013
iDMAa 2013
Presented Personal Performance Machines at the 2013 iDMAa conference.

October 5, 2013
Installed two works on the Long Beach SoundWalk. Alert Fatigue and NoiseScape Yellowstone (in collaboration w/ Meredith James)

August 2013
Listening in the Megacity
Travel to Seoul, South Korea; Delhi, India; and Shanghai, China to record noise in some of the most densely populated cities on the planet. This work was supported by the Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities at Iowa State University.

September 21, 2013
Live Performance @ Rurally Good Fest w/ Kenji Yoshino
Performed a live composition based on the archery activity of Kenji Yoshino.

July 5, 2013
Sonic Boom @ Tiger Strikes Asteroid w/ Ezra Masch
Sonic Boom is a collaborative project created w/ Ezra Masch and presented at Tiger Strikes Asteroid July 5 - July 29, 2013. More info here

May 29, 2013
Live Rural Soundscape @ Relish
Performed live at Relish as part of my Grin City Residency.

Spring 2013
Grin City Artist Residency
Two week artist residency at the Grin City Collective exploring the soundscape of the farm.

May 5, 2013
Media in Transition (MiT) 8
I presented Personal Performance Machines: Listening Interventions in the Public Soundscape on the panel Sonic / Telephonic

March 23, 2013
Invention Workshop @ Side Street
Invited to lead a Listening Instruments Invention Workshop at Side Street Projects in Pasadena, CA More info here

Issue 43 / Autumn 2012
Neural Media Art Magazine
Noisolation Headphones reviewed in the print and online versions.

November 2012
Synesthetic Din reviewed on .

October 5, 2012
KansasCity Soundwalk
Presented a city-specific noise + drawing performance with painter Meredith Lynn Morrison

April 20-29, 2012
Sound Through Barriers: Listening in Continuous Spaces. Fort Collins, CO.
One of seventeen international artists included in this group sound art show curated by C. Reider and on display at Art Lab Fort Collins.

May 2012
Science & Vie dècouvertes No 161
The Noisolation Headphones were included in a story in a French science magazine for children.

March 31, 2012
Music, Mind & Invention conference
The College of New Jersey. Ewing, NJ

Invited to demonstrate Noisolation Headphones

February 29, 2012
Featured on KTLA Evening News
Interviewed for a KTLA evening news technology segment about the Noisolation Headphones and my noise work in Los Angeles.

February 7, 2012
KPCC: City Sonic Documentary
KPCC Videographer Mae Ryan made this documentary about the Noisolation Headphones and my work in Los Angeles.

February 7, 2012
BoingBoing: Tuning in to ambient urban sound: Alex Braidwood's "Listening Instruments"
Listening Instruments featured on the influential tech blog BoingBoing

February 7, 2012
LAist: Meet the Man Who is Listening to Los Angeles
Listening Instruments featured on this online culture magazine about Los Angeles.

January, 20 2012
Speaker: Art Center's Graduate Media Design Program Colloquium series
Invited to present Listening Instruments in Pecha Kucha format to graduate media design students.

December 3, 2011
Speaker: Critical Information: Mapping the Intersection of Art & Technology. School of Visual Arts. New York, NY
I presented Listening Instruments on the panel Visualizing the Invisible: The Art of Sound. The conference was organized by the Art Criticism & Writing Program. Video of the panel discussion is available here.

October 6, 2011
We Make Money Not Art
Interviewed about Listening Instruments for the the influential art/design/culture blog We Make Money Not Art

October 6-10, 2011
ArtBots 2011. Ghent, Belgium
I was invited to present Noisolation Headphones as part of ArtBots 2011: The Robot Talent Show.

October 1, 2011
SoundWalk. Long Beach, CA
I presented Noisolation Headphones, Synesthetic Din Rail and a new collaborative peroformance with painter Meredith Lynn Morrison as part of this year's SoundWalk.

September 13, 2011 - March 11, 2012
Noises in the Void
See Also Noise and Noisolation Headphones are included in this online curatorial experiment by Pedro Torres from Barcelona, Spain.

October 1-30, 2011
You First @ OCCCA. Orange County, CA
Noisolation Headphones and Synesthetic Din Rail were included in this exhibition currated as an exploration of Relational Art by the UFORA group.

September 19, 2011
Speaker: USC's Institute for Media Literacy's Digital Studies Symposium
I was invited to present my process and Listening Instruments projects to research students from a variety of majors.

July 17, 2011
World Listening Day, Machine Project
Co-organized w/ David Eng, the day included a Noisolation Headphones presentation, a series of active listening projects & a Listening Instruments workshop.

July 12-17, 2011
Little Tokyo Design Week
Noisolation Headphones on display and demonstrated for Future City: Little Tokyo Design Week. Here are images from throughout the week.

July 16, 2011
Rafu Shimpo LA Daily Japanese News
Noisolation Headphones featured in a story about Future City: Little Tokyo Design Week

June 29, 2011
Brand X - Cover Story
The cover story "App evolution" featured Synesthetic Din in an article on mobile devices as media arts platform.

June 5, 2011
Los Angeles Times - Sunday Paper
Synesthetic Din was featured in an LA Times story on mobile apps as media arts platform. New Media section D10.

June 5, 2011
Dorkbot SoCal 44
I was invited to give a presentation about my Noisolation Headphones and demonstrate them at the June 2011 Dorkbot meeting. Photos of the event including visitors trying on the headphones are available here.

June 3, 2011
Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Blog
Synesthetic Din was featured in a story on mobile apps as media arts platform that was published on the LA Times media and game blog.

May 13-15, 2011
Speaker: Media in Transition 7 @ MIT
I presented Listening Instruments as a method for Negotiating Noise as a Condition of Urbanization on a panel titled Urban Media.

April 20, 2011
4 Hours Solid
The first 3 Listening Instruments were on display as part of the Graduate Thesis Exhibition.